SSC CHSL 2018 Salary, Job Profile, Promotions and Career Growth

There are four posts under SSC CHSL 2018 Exam. Know about job profile, responsibility and salary structure for all posts in SSC CHSL.


  1. Postal Assistant (PA)/ Sorting Assistant (SA)
  2. Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  3. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
  4. Court Clerk (CC)


In this exam, total 6778 vacancies are available for all SSC CHSL Posts 2018-19. Here, we are providing the complete details of SSC CHSL Post Salary and analysis for all posts that will help you to choose the post preference order for this exam so that you can get the best post. Read about SSC CHSL Selection Process.


SSC CHSL LDC (Lower Division Clerk) Job Profile & Career Growth


LDCs are assigned to various Ministries and Departments of Central Government and conduct routine tasks.  Some important skills required for this job are proficiency in typing, maintenance of registers and documents, sense of responsibility, interpersonal relations, knowledge of rules and regulations and ability to apply them and ability to coordinate with others. The various job responsibilities of a Lower Divisional Clerk are:


  • Registration of mails
  • Indexing, registering and maintaining file registers.
  • Receiving documents and maintaining the record of the same.
  • Typing
  • Preparation of simple drafts and statements


SSC CHSL LDC Salary Structure


LDCs lie in Pay Band 1 with a pre-revised pay structure of 5200 - 20200 and grade pay of Rs. 1900.  This amounts to a gross monthly salary of Rs. 19,000.


Career Path - LDC is the starting level clerical position in Central Government Ministries and Departments.  The next levels of positions available during the career are -


  • Assistant/ Upper Divisional Clerk
  • Division Clerk
  • Section Officer


Data Entry Operator (DEO) Career Details


A Data Entry Operator, working at any of the offices under the ministries or departments of the Government of India, is required to perform the data processing operations in computers on daily basis. This is a complete desk job on a computer, wherein you will be required to:


  • Have a good typing speed.  This is also tested through a typing test before the final result.
  • Be comfortable in working on software’s like MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • Prepare reports
  • Enter and manage data.


SSC CHSL DEO Salary Structure


The salary of DEOs depends upon the ministry or department they get selected to as some of these provide a higher grade pay than the others.  The pre-revised salary structure of DEOs is as follows:


  • Pay Band 1 of 5200 - 20200 and grade pay of Rs. 1900 or Rs. 2400.
  • This amounts to a gross monthly salary of Rs. 19,000 - 20,000.
Career Path - The career progression of a Data Entry Operator (DEO) in the Central Government is mentioned below in the increasing order.


  • Data Entry Operator Grade B
  • Data Entry Operator Grade C
  • Data Entry Operator Grade F (System Analyst)


Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Career Details


Postal / Sorting Assistants are clerical level positions in mainly the Postal Department of the Indian Government.  This position is just above the MTS position in the hierarchy.  In the Postal Department, there are various cadres which employ Postal / Sorting Assistants. The job responsibilities for each of these are as below.


Job Responsibilities

 PAPO (Postal Assistant in Post Offices)


  • The candidate will be posted in Post Offices and had to work at the counter.
  • A Postal Assistant is the person who sits in the counter and helps you in booking the article.
  • The benefit of PAPO is that you can regularly come across many customers and will always be updated with the latest changes happening in the Post Office environment.


PASBCO (Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organization)


  • A Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organization (PASBCO) will be required to monitor the Savings Bank’s related work.
  • A PASBCO cannot work in all Post Offices. The posting will only be in the Head Post Offices.


PACO/RO (Postal Assistant in Circle/Regional Offices)


Circle/Regional Offices are the administrative wing of Postal Department. PACO/RO is a separate administrative cadre and those selected are posted at Circle/Regional Offices situated in main cities within the circle (maximum 2-5 offices). A Postal Assistant (PA) is required to perform the file related work and will not be dealing directly with the customers.


PARLO (Postal Assistant in Returned Letter Offices)


A Postal Assistant (PA) is required to assist in the following functions of Returned Letter Offices.


  • In the Returned Letter Office, efforts are made to locate the correct address of the addressee, and if located, mail is forwarded to the addressee.
  • When the address of the addressee cannot be located, efforts are made to locate the address of the sender by opening the letter. If located, mail is returned to sender.
  • Mail which cannot be delivered either to the addressee or to the sender is disposed of after detention for the prescribed period.


PAMMS (Postal Assistant in Mail Motor Services)


A Postal Assistant in Mail Motor Services (PAMMS) plays an important role in intra-city transmission of mail between Mail Offices and Post Offices.

PAFPO (Postal Assistant in Foreign Post Organization)


A Postal Assistant in Foreign Post Organization (PAFPO) deals with the foreign articles transmitted through Post office network.


SARMS (Sorting Assistant in Railway Mail Service)


A Sorting Assistant (SA) will be posted in RMS Units available within the circle mainly situated in a Railway Station or near it. SA will be working in shifts and often had to work in night shifts also. At RMS, the SA is required to sort emails being sent through the Post Office Network.


Salary Structure


Postal or Sorting Assistants lie in Pay Band 1 with a pre-revised pay structure of 5200 - 20200 and grade pay of Rs. 2400.  This amounts to a gross monthly salary of Rs. 20,000.  This is the highest salary level available amongst all posts under the SSC CHSL recruitment.


Career Path - The career growth for these positions is similar across all cadres.  The movement up the hierarchy of positions is completely through promotions and direct recruitment is only done for this assistant level position. The career path is as below:


  • Lower Selection Grade (LSG) / Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II / Senior Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II / Chief Supervisor


Court Clerks Career Details


The Court Clerk is appointed entry level clerical positions in various Tribunals under different Departments of the Government of India.  Example of such Tribunals could be Central Administrative Tribunal, National Green Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunal, etc.  The primary job responsibilities are:


  • Handling administrative work regarding hearings
  • Placing checked records in rack and taking them out as and when required


SSC CHSL Court Clerk Salary Structure


Court Clerks lie in Pay Band 1 with a pre-revised pay structure of 5200 - 20200 and grade pay of Rs. 1900.  This amounts to a gross monthly salary of Rs. 19,000. 


Career Path - The career path for a Court Clerk in the Central Government Departments is mentioned below in the increasing order.


  • Assistant Clerk
  • Bench Clerk
  • Head Clerk


Increments and Salary Calculations for all posts under SSC CHSL


In SSC CHSL, the complete salary structure under the Pay Band-I scheme with two Grade Pays, i.e. 1900 and 2400 are described in the following table:



Grade Pay – 1900 (in Rs.)

Grade Pay – 2400 (in Rs.)

Pay Band



Dearness Allowance (DA) @113% of Basic Salary (Grade Pay + Pay Band)



Transport Allowance



Human Resource Allowance (HRA) @ 30% of Basic Salary for X Cities



Human Resource Allowance (HRA) @ 20% of Basic Salary for Y Cities



Human Resource Allowance (HRA) @ 10% of Basic Salary for Z Cities



Monthly Gross Salary for selection