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Data Center Maintenance – Money-Saving Option to Manage IT Operations

What are your plans to tackle a critical data center issue? Despite advancement of technology, storage and server devices fail. These failures can lead to great damage of company’s reputation, client interaction and operations. Data center maintenance is the only solution to this problem. Third party maintenance service is essential nowadays to manage IT operations efficiently and hassle-freely. So, what third party maintenance is all about? Before that, let’s have a look on some facts about this cutting-edge technology.

  • 84% companies are not aware of third party maintenance provider options.
  • 41% average amount is saved by a company yearly equipment budget.
  • 36% average amount is saved on OEM vs third party warranty.
  • 59% average amount is saved by using third party maintenance equipment instead of replacing with new OEM equipment.
  • 92% companies report better support after switching to third maintenance provider.


What is Third Party Maintenance?


Third Party Maintenance or TPM is a hardware support solution for all kinds of businesses to operate their IT departments in a better way. It is provided by vendors independent of the OEM.  It offers hybrid support model, which entails using a mix of sparing strategies and OEM support. A perfectly designed hybrid support allows IT companies to choose the best options that are suitable for technology infrastructure while making the most of OPEX budget.


5 Advantages of Using Third-Party Maintenance Instead of OEM Services


IT maintenance services are crucial for an organization to avoid any technology failure. Here are five major advantages that are provided with third party maintenance provider experience.   

Money-Saving Maintenance

Data center hardware maintenance is the best option for handling networking equipment in a cost-effective way. Having warranted OEM services can easily be twice as expensive as hiring a third party maintenance provider. It helps to avoid purchasing new networking equipment until an organization is truly ready for an upgrade.

Streamline Support

Cisco third party support saves time by providing maintenance for multiple manufacturers all wrapped up in a single contract. As a result, users don’t have to get several service contracts from OEM providers. This also eliminates any disputes that would occur from managing multiple services. Best third party hardware maintenance providers give flexible options with multiple service solutions.   

Availability of Third Party Maintenance Service

In order to maintain good performance of IT equipment, third party maintenance service is must for all businesses, especially middle and large sized companies who have great work force. Reputed providers are able to source parts of equipment quickly when needed for the inventory as per IT budget of clients.

Most Updated Technology

With use of latest technologies, third party maintenance service providers allow clients to extend the life of their precious IT equipment for having long-lasting business performance. Unlike OEMs, they provide continuous support to equipment and keep it operational even if there is no need to network gets fully upgraded.

Trained Technicians

Instead of selecting OEM service offerings that provide support for equipment other than their own and force businesses to link to service contracts with multiple providers; go for third party maintenance service provider. A reputable one always provides a group of experienced technicians that are expert in handling a variety of networking equipment.


How to find a suitable third party maintenance service company?


Here are 5 qualities that must be there in a reliable third party IT infrastructure maintenance provider.

Design a Hybrid Maintenance Approach as per Business Needs

A trustworthy third party maintenance service company will always design a hybrid maintenance approach that has a selective use of OEM support package and third-party maintenance support at the right places. This enables businesses to reduce operation cost without added risks and boost productivity.   

Offer Customizable and Flexible Contract Coverage

The superior-quality IT infrastructure services with hybrid third party maintenance strategy allow businesses to reclaim control of their network and decide useful life of their IT assets. A provider will offer comprehensive contract options that are suitable to their budget and requirements as well. It can also support multi-vendor and multi-generation network assets, even those declared end-of-life by the OEM.

Provide 24x7 Tech Support & Convenient Access to Skilled experts

When businesses find any disruption in the IT network, they will get 24x7 EMC hardware support for resolving the issue at the earliest possible time from a reliable third party hardware maintenance service provider.

Enable Robust SLA Support & Scale

A suitable third party maintenance service provider will provide robust service-level agreement (SLA) along with advanced field support, next-business-day delivery and hardware replacement options. These are required for a network infrastructure, which is distributed geographically. It must also provide warranty on testing processes and quality assurance. All these benefits are only available in a IT company having sophisticated logistics worldwide, superior-quality inventory and proven track record to support powerful SLA requirements.

Provide Customer-Centric Contract Management

In order to get the best value for infrastructure support by having complete use of OEM & third-party maintenance contracts, companies should select an option that can provide simple to use contract management system.

At last, it can be concluded that companies can go for third party maintenance service option for managing IT network in a better way. It is now popular among them to have an excellent maintenance of their technologies for boosting business capabilities. 

By Sachin Bharadwaj

Editor at Govt Rojgaar

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