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What to Do One Day before CFA Exam? 7 Useful Tips

Is the level of your nervousness getting increased when the date of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam comes near? Do you take more tension than earlier on a day before of your CFA paper? Obviously, the feeling of anxiety, irritation and stress is quite common on a day before not only CFA test but any other examination. There is a solution for all these problems and stress level can be reduced to some extent at that time. Few things of your daily life can erase all your negative points from your mind that are important for doing them one day before the paper.

What is CFA exam? CFA full form is Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a professional credential offered by CFA Institute to Investment and Financial professionals. This program helps you specialize in a broad range of investment specialties that can be applied in any market worldwide.

Exam Day

Let’s have a look on seven things that should be done one day before CFA exam…

Meditation: Meditation is recognized as one of the best exercises for reducing the stress level. It provides full body relaxation. You should do simple postures early in the morning of not only one day before but one week before the CFA exam. This thing would certainly help you in becoming tension free and increasing your confidence level.

Do Not Study for Longer Hours; Just Revise Important Points: You should not study on this day as you did in previous days. You might have studied for more than 12 hours in a day. But this is the time when you should give only 3-6 hours on your study while revising only important points and feel relax.

Do Practice Papers but Give Less Time to Actual Scores: On this day, you should do practice papers. Even if you scoreless in these papers, you should not get de-motivated and give less time to actual scores. You should always focus on your good points and try to polish them. This will help you in eradicating the feeling of negativity that often comes in everyone’s mind during this period.

Wake Up on the Time & Go for a Morning Walk: You should wake up early in the morning and go for a walk on all days of a week before your CFA exam. This would basically help you in making your mind fresh and having the positive feelings all the time. And while doing some light exercises, your energy and confidence level would get boosted.

Keep yourself in a Relaxing Mode: You should feel relax by making your attitude positive. It is important to reduce the stress level so that you can do the best in your CFA exam.

Stop Worrying: Staying in a tension mode is a common feeling among students at the time of exam. Before attending the CFA exam, you should not worry about the consequences of the paper. You should make up your mind that whatever result comes after the exam, you would accept it with a positive attitude. This would help you in keeping tension level down and getting the right ways of building the career.

Have Healthy Diet: The last but not least, you should always have a healthy diet one day before the CFA exam. This way would prevent you from any illness.

So follow these above-mentioned things and give your best in the CFA exam! All the best!

By Sachin Bharadwaj

Editor at Govt Rojgaar

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