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ACCA Certification – Build a Successful Accountant Career

Explore Information on Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is historically and popularly known to be one of the best global bodies for qualified accountants. Thiswell-known association is basically aimed to provide first-choice and business-relevant qualifications to individuals who want to build career in accountancy, management and finance with great ability and ambition.

As far as qualifications are concerned, they have relevant courses that would provide accountancy professionals to have excellent start in their career while getting access to core accountancy skills. ACCA is the right place for you to have everything you required for building a successful career in finance, management and accountancy.

The focus of ACCA is on governance, ethics and professional values. They use their experience and expertise to work with government, professional bodies, regulators and employers to develop the worldwide accountancy profession & act in the public interest.


Accountancy Qualifications at a Glance

  • Certificate in International Auditing (CertlA): This certificate course basically offers an introduction to the clarified international standards on auditing. It covers the principles of ISAs through objective assessment and online tuition. It is updated on yearly basis for making more relevant. This is the reason that this course is consist of topic by topic explanation of the specific clarified ISAs. The main objective of CertIA provides great knowledge about ISAs through practice materials.


  • Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DIPIFR): This course is designed for those finance professionals who want to gain entire knowledge about in finance and build a career in it. According to the association, more than 113 countries need the permit for the use of International Financial Reporting Standards for publicly-traded organizations. The objectives of DIPIFR include understanding the structure of the framework of international accounting, preparing group financial statements, identifying& applying disclosure requirements of firms and applying relevant financial reporting standards to financial report’s basic elements.


  • Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standard for SMEs: This certified accounting course is basically prepared for people who want to study small businesses. With the great expansion of small business industry, it is more likely to work in this field instead of other sized companies. Even if you don’t want to work for the small businesses, you would still have to do business with one. Therefore, you have to gain knowledge about this standard. So, this course is the best solution for you that meet your requirements. This certification course has an online course and test.


  • Certificate in International Financial Reporting (CertFR): ACCA also provides courses on international financial reporting. This financial reporting course actually provides you a broad introduction of the international financial reporting & international financial reporting standards as well. The qualification of this course is structured in a user-friendly and an accessible manner that underlines important information & provides useful summaries. The main objective of this course is to help you in understanding how IFRs is used all over the world. The other objectives include examining the fundamental requirements of IFRS on the standard basis and providing guidance on how IFRS can be used in practice.


Why Make a Choice to Study ACCA?

Undoubted a number of accountancy bodies is available offering accountancy qualifications all over the world. However, what makes ACCA best and you to choose this accounting association, let’s find out!

Unrivalled Worldwide Network

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is recognized as the best place globally for professional accountants as they are based on international accounting standards.
  • They offer local law plus tax options that would help you in making your qualifications locally relevant as well.
  • The qualifications of ACCA are known to be key regulatory & education authorities around the globe.
  • They even have joint membership of other international accountancy bodies.
  • Though its qualifications are basically benchmarked against levels of education worldwide, so by going for ACCA, you select qualifications that have been independently quality checked.

Respected by Employers

  • ACCA has more than 1/3rd years of proven reputation for excellence and quality.
  • The company owned about 8,500 approved employers around the world.
  • The skilled employers of this association provide you great knowledge.
  • Employer’s strong focus on ethics actually means that they are getting ethical accountants.
  • Employers can feel confident of your ability and knowledge through quality assured qualifications.

Focus on Accountant’s Studies and Career

  • Firstly, accountants can study while doing full or part-time job.
  • Even they have an option to select self-study or study with a tuition provider.
  • You can also study at your own pace.
  • After ACCA qualification, you can be exempted from parts of other academic qualifications. As a result, you can complete the course as quick as possible.
  • You can move between sectors, industries and roles by having both management and financial accounting skills.
  • They provide you complete knowledge in all areas of accountancy for ensuring you to perform well in your finance professional career.


Quick Facts of ACCA

  • Students: 436,000
  • Membership: 170,000
  • Formation: 13 Nov 1904
  • Headquartered: London, UK
  • Legal Status: Chartered Body
  • Region Served: 180 Countries
  • Member’s Designations: ACCA, FCCA
  • Motto: The global association for becoming professional accountants


Communication Details of ACCA

For any queries related to ACCA qualification or other general information, you can contact the association through following communication mediums:

  • Toll Free: 0008 001 298
  • E-mail:
  • You can also like the page of ACCA on Facebook as well.


The Last Word about ACCA

Undoubtedly, ACCA is the best platform for people who want to build a successful career in accountancy as well as finance & management. They have outstanding courses with expertise & in-depth knowledge skills on financial subjects so that you get the whole and best accountant training. So what are you waiting for? Go through this accountant association and become a successful accountancy professional.

By Sachin Bharadwaj

Editor at Govt Rojgaar

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